Opt out of all the data sharing you wouldn't opt in to.


Simple Opt Out is drawing attention to opt-out data sharing and marketing practices that many people aren't aware of (and most people don't want), then making it easier to opt out. For example:

This site makes it easier to opt out of data sharing by 40+ companies (or add a company). Enjoy!

Opt-out of data sharing by…


What? Opt-out Details
DNA sharing Opt-out Policy: Your choices. Instructions.


What? Opt-out Details
Ad targeting & data collection Opt-out Policy: Your rights


What? Opt-out Details
Family tree Instructions Privacy Philosophy
DNA Match Instructions
Research Instructions


What? Opt-out Details
Browsing history Opt-out (click "Manage history") Policy: Choices
Ad personalization Opt-out


What? Opt-out Details
Phone data ("CPNI") sharing Opt-out Policy: Your Choices
Mobile calls, data, and targeting Opt-out
DirecTV Opt-out
Ad targeting Opt-out

Bank of America

What? Opt-out Details
Personal data & transactions to third parties Opt-out (or call 888-341-5000) How your data is shared

CapitalOne 360

What? Opt-out Details
Personal data & transactions to third parties Call 888-817-2970 How your data is shared
What? Opt-out Details
Data sharing and marketing Opt-out Policy: Choices


What? Opt-out Details
Personal data & transactions to third parties Opt-out or call 1–888–868–8618 How your data is shared

Comcast Xfinity

What? Opt-out Details
Targeted cable ads, sales mailings, more Opt-out (scroll to end of page) Policy: Your choices
Postal mail ads Call 800-COMCAST and ask to be added to "Do Not Mail" list Policy: Web site

Condé Nast

Magazines: Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Backchannel, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Pitchfork, Self, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W, Wired, and others.

What? Opt-out Details
Subscriber data to third parties Email Privacy_administration@condenast.com "and state which of these items you wish to opt-out of sharing with third parties." Policy. Shares subscibers' "name, email address, postal address or phone number shared with third parties for their marketing purposes"

Crate & Barrel

What? Opt-out Details
Customer & purchase history Opt-out Policy: "We share your customer information with other select companies whose products and services you may find useful. This information includes your name, postal address and email address, as well as a record of any transactions you conduct on our Website or offline."
Postal ads Opt-out


What? Opt-out Details
Privacy settings Opt-out Instructions. Policy.
Ads and location data Opt-out


Includes visitors who are not logged in to a Google account.

What? Opt-out Details
Search history & ad personalization Opt-out If you browse Google without logging in, do this while not logged in.
Most services Opt-out Includes Gmail, Google Apps, & location data. Policy: Choices.


What? Opt-out Details
Personal info with third parties Email contacthbo@hbo.com Policy: "sharing your personal information with our Affiliates to identify products and services of our Affiliates that may be of interest to you"


Magazines: Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Dr. Oz, Elle, Esquire, Food Network Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Harper's Bazaar, HGTV Magazine, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, O, The Oprah Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Redbook, Road & Track, Seventeen, Town&Country, Veranda, Prevention, Men's Health, Woman's Day, Women's Health, and others.

What? Opt-out Details
Subscriber data to third parties Opt-out Includes this distinctly terrible opt-out process: "We may provide your contact information to third parties for their own marketing purposes. To request that third parties do not use your postal mailing contact information for their own marketing purposes (if we have your postal address), you may notify us in writing at…"


What? Opt-out Details
Ad targeting Opt-out


What? Opt-out Details
Privacy settings Opt-out Overview. Policy: Choices.
Ad targeting Opt-out

Also see Microsoft.

Meredith/Time Inc.

Magazines: Allrecipes, American Baby, American Patchwork, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Life, Diabetic Living, EatingWell, Entertainment Weekly, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Family Circle, FamilyFun, Fitness, Food & Wine, InStyle, Living the Country Life, Midwest Living, Money, Parents, People, Practical Boat Owner, Real Simple, Shape, Siempre Mujer, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, Successful Farming, and others.

What? Opt-out Details
Subscriber data to third parties Opt-out Policy: "You can remove your name and postal address from lists we sell or rent to third parties for their direct marketing purposes"
Magazine-specific policies n/a See Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, or our tips


Includes visitors who are not logged in to a Microsoft account.

What? Opt-out Details
[Ads, browsing data, and services] Opt-out Sites covers Xbox, Skype, Office, Bing. For logged-out users, go here. Policy.


What? Opt-out Details
Disable "Matched Identifier Communications" Opt-out Also see Account. Policy.


What? Opt-out Details
Rents/sells print subscriber data Email privacy@nytimes.com On Policy, see "Sharing With Other Third Parties" for instructions. Per Policy: "If you are a U.S. print subscriber, we may exchange or rent your name and postal mailing address…".


What? Opt-out Details
Data sharing with third parties Cannot opt out Policy (in "Consumer Privacy Notice"): Data is shared "For joint marketing with other financial companies" and/or "For our affiliates’ everyday business purposes"


What? Opt-out Details
Personalization Opt-out Based on purchases and cross-site requests (part of Profile). Policy


What? Opt-out Details
Ad personalization Opt-out Policy

Roomba (iRobot)



What? Opt-out Details
Ad targeting Opt-out Policy: Sharing


What? Opt-out Details
Rents/sells customer data to third parties Call 800-440-0680 Policy: "We may share your personal information with other companies, or organizations which are not part of Target." Arguably the worst opt-out (phone only) process of its peers.

Taunton Press

Magazines: Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, and others.

What? Opt-out Details
Subscriber data to third parties Email privacy@taunton.com Policy: "we may rent your name and mailing address and certain other information with reputable companies that provide marketing offers through direct mail … If you are a current print subscriber, please remember to include your account number, mailing address, and phone number in the body of your email"


What? Opt-out Details
Marketing preferences Opt-out The best of its large-carrier peers. Policy: Choices.


What? Opt-out Details
Data sharing and cross-site tracking Opt-out Part of account settings. Policy.


What? Opt-out Details
Data sharing for marketing, Fios TV ads, credit, more Opt-out Policy


What? Opt-out Details
Aggregated consumer spending reports Opt-out Policy


Wells Fargo

What? Opt-out Details
Personal data & transactions to affiliates Opt-out or call 1-888-528-8460 Policy, which is incrementally better than peer banks


Includes Pottery Barn, West Elm, Rejuvenation

What? Opt-out Details
Rents/sells customer data to third parties Email customerservice@williams-sonoma.com Policy: "we might rent, exchange, share and/or cross-reference information, including contact information about you … include your full name, email address, mailing address, and specifically what information you do not want to receive."


What? Opt-out Details
Privacy controls Opt-out Yahoo policy. Oath policy.

Also see Verizon


What? Opt-out Details
Shares name & click data with businesses Opt-out "The following settings govern how businesses will see actions you take on Yelp including bookmarks, website clicks, calls, directions, and check-ins." Policy.


Includes visitors who are not logged in to a YouTube account.

What? Opt-out Details
Watch history & search history Opt-out Pause "Watch History," clear it, repeat for "Search History." If you browse YouTube without logging in, do this while not logged in.

Also see Google


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How to find opt-out choices quickly

For companies not listed here:

  1. Navigate to a company's privacy policy by searching the Web for companyname privacy policy. Example: at&t privacy policy
  2. Once viewing the privacy policy, skim it for a section called "Your Choices."
  3. If you don't see a "Your Choices" link, use your browser to find within the page (Control-F/Command-F). Find for each of these 3 words: "opt" (such as "opt-out" and "optout"), "shar" (such as "sharing" and "shared"), and "disclos" (such as "disclose" and "disclosure").

Ready-made opt-out request

If you need to email a vendor, here's a request which can be copy-and-pasted:


Please remove me from all mailing lists (electronic, postal, and otherwise). Please opt me out of all data sharing.

Please ensure I'm not contacted again except regarding an action that I initiated (such as by placing an order or opening a support ticket), and that no information about me or my use of your services is disclosed except as may be required to deliver the service.

Please reply when this is complete.

Finally, please pass this on to the company's management team or your supervisor: I expect and deserve opt-in, self-service choices about how my data is used and how I'm marketed to. I shouldn't need to opt-out, let alone by sending an email like this. I'm disappointed that the company chose to violate my privacy rather than ensuring it has my informed consent. Because the company puts its own preferences above my own (and even above simple transparency), I can't trust it. I'll be much less likely to make a future purchase. Please move to opt-in, user-facing privacy and marketing choices.

Install uBlock Origin

Install uBlock Origin for your browser. It's free, not-for-profit, and open source, and using it probably blocks as many privacy concerns as opting out of everything above.


Additions and updates

To submit opt-out pages for a new company, or corrections about existing companies, send a GitHub pull request or create an issue with the URLs. This process may improve over time.

This site is concerned with practices that:

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